Lawyer for bits and bytes

Relationship customer lawyer must be based in communication and trust. If you are a techie, IT business man o related to telecom is highly probable that you speak IT slang or terms associated to the industry, which are very dissimilar from legal language. Having a lawyer that understands bits and bytes, 1 and 0´s is a great advantage, because you won’t have to invest time and effort explaining the details.

Take advantage of our expertise, get the assistance in agreements, such as NDA, Licensing, End User, Developers, SLA, terms & conditions, among others. We have served as lawyers in negotiations of international deals in the millions range for telecom companies. Reseller Agreement, Commercial and Franchise is also among our portfolio.

Other aspects related to IT law are net neutrality, data privacy, internet censorship, cybersecurity, e-commerce among others. We at ProxyLegal are very active in national discussions regarding this topics.

Being an IT lawyer requires to be up-to-date on trends and innovations. Take care of your business, leave the legal risks to us.

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Raul Ricardo Ramsay I.

Founding Partner at ProxyLegal
Abogado e Ingeniero en Sistemas computacionales. Apasionado por los temas que involucran las leyes y la tecnología, como lo es el Derecho de Autor, Privacidad de Datos, Neutralidad de la Red, Licenciamiento de Software, Servicios en la Nube, Contratos Inteligentes, entre otros. Escritor, Expositor y Activista sobre Gobernanza de Internet.
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