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Fundación de Interés PrivadoA Private Interest Foundation is a legal instrument that allows, form a secure, simple and very confidential way, to manage your assets. This entity works 100% independent from the founder’s heritage. This has been named one of the best ways to protect assets, not only thru the founder’s life, but after it also, because it allows the heirs to gain control of the foundation, and therefore the assets, without going thru a probate.

Features of a Private Interest Foundation:

  • Private Interest Foundation is not obligated to pay taxes or contributions to the Panamanian government.
  • Assets and properties of the foundation are totally independent from the founder’s heritage.
  • A minimum $10,000.00 USD nominal share capital, which does not needs to be in a particular account or something similar.
  • It is not a duty to deliver financial statements.
  • Great instrument for family planning and asset management.

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